About the project

The project aims at preparing a database for the Rare, Endangered and Threatened (RET) flowering plants of Southern part of Western Ghats with the published and grey literature. A list of 760 RET plants were compiled from the Southern Western Ghats of which 558 species are attained with present threat status(View list) and remaining 202 Species needs status updation. The 'present status' of the species is followed as per Sasidharan, 2011 and IUCN, 2012. The species under 'Needs updation' is categorized as at least two or more authors have given the references in different periods for the same species but current citation is lacking. As the RET status of a species is changing frequently or even lose out of more field data and publications, the threat status given in the database is also subjected for updation.

The literature is made available on 260 species has been categorized under broadly divided six research components such as Population Structure (PS), Population Dynamics (PD), Climatic and Edaphic analysis (CEF), Conservation Strategies (CS), Restoration (RE) and Evaluation (EV). The database formulated in a web based information system along with detailed search interface for the use of Researchers, Foresters, Policy makers and those involved in plant biodiversity conservation programmes. A CD version of the uploaded database is also available in the Institute Library for reference.

Project No. : KFRI RP-646/2012

Project Title : Developing an information system for the Rare, Endangered and Threatened (RET) plants of Southern Western Ghats

Principal Investigator : Dr. P.A. Jose

Associate Investigators : Mr. K. H. Hussain and Dr. V.B. Sreekumar

Duration : 1.6 years (October 2012-March 2014)

Funding Source : Plan Grant

The Search Interface

Concept and Design : Hussain K.H.

Data Processing

Mrs. Vidhya K.V., Technical Assistant